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ACUS33 - WW2 USN Non-Specular Sea Blue ANA607

ACUS33 - WW2 USN Non-Specular Sea Blue ANA607

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ACUS33 - WW2 USN Non-Specular Sea Blue ANA607

Used on the upper surfaces of fuselages on tri-colour US Navy aircraft in mid 1943 - mid'44. Use with ANA606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue (ACUS07), ANA608 Non-Specular Intermediate Blue (ACUS08) and ANA601 Non-Specular White (ACUS37).

The upper surface of the wings and tails was not the same colour - the upper surfaces of the wings and fuselage was ANA606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue ACUS07 which is not simply glossier, but a different, lighter shade. Please disregard any reference to Federal Standard matches - there are none. FS595 was not invented until after 1950 and the FS colours often stated as being equivalent to Army-Navy Aeronautical standard (ANA) US Navy sea blues (e.g. 15042, 25042, 35042) are not a match for WW2 colours, but would be appropriate for Korean war aircraft e.g. F9F Panther etc.

If your WW2 model is an all-over blue scheme from late 1944 onwards, you need (ACUS34) ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue, which is a different colour again and, as before, not the same as FS15042 despite the latter claiming to represent ANA623.

Enamel paint, matt finish


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