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NARN33 - B.5. / B15

NARN33 - B.5. / B15

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B.5. / B15


NARN33 - B.5 / B15 First revised in 2017 and introduced as RN07, this shade is based upon extensive primary source research carried out directly by Sovereign Hobbies and collaborating researchers.

Click here to view a short document compiled by ourselves detailing the research undertaken to arrive at this colour: Royal Navy Colours of World War Two - B5 and B15

B5 was a colour with unclear origins, but may derive from WW1 dazzle scheme colours. It was used extensively on distruptive scheme camouflage of Royal Navy warships from 1941, and would be used with combinations of white, 507A Home Fleet Grey, 507C Mediterranean (Light) Grey, MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4, MS4A and B6. From 1943 onwards B5 was renotated as B15 and was used with the 1943 onwards standardised colour palette of G5, G10, G20, G30, G45, B20 and B30. It remained in use until 1945.

Enamel model paint. Matt finish. 14ml

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