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NARN41 - 1943-1945 B55 (Alternative)

NARN41 - 1943-1945 B55 (Alternative)

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1943-1945 B55 (Alternative)

Based on our own extensive research using primary source reference material, we offer our new Royal Navy range - the most accurate on the market bar none.

This shade was introduced in April 1943 as part of the B&G series. It simultaneously replaced both Western Approaches Blue and Western Approaches Green. No evidence exists to suggest there was ever more than a single formula for B55, however it is uncertain if the Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy users always ended up with the same shade. Some sources portray a brighter shade more reminiscent of the earlier Western Approaches blue and green, whilst others reveal a weaker less saturated impression. We offer this alternative to modellers either to use on its own or to mix with NARN40 to achieve a "scale effect" whilst still preserving the correct 55% LRV tone.

Enamel model paint. Matt finish. 14ml

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