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1/48 Avia B33 Czechoslovakian Built IL10 Beast Ground Attacker Aircraft (D)

1/48 Avia B33 Czechoslovakian Built IL10 Beast Ground Attacker Aircraft (D)

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1/48 Avia B33 Czechoslovakian Built IL10 Beast Ground Attacker Aircraft.

One of the most important aircraft in the Eastern Front during World War 2 was ground attacker Iljushin Il-2. Even though it was
permanently modified it became obvious it's starting to be obsolete. Therefore in 1943 new specifications for its successor were issued
to Suchoj and Iljushin design offices. From the Suchoj Su-6 III and Il-8 and Il-10 competitors it was decided to choose Il-10. Il-8 sported
bad flying characteristics and in general it was modified Il-2. Even though Su-6 III was the fastest of all three tested aircraft Il-10 had
better performances of in lower altitudes. Contrary to Il-8, the Il-10 was of completely new design; both AM-42 engine and both
cockpits were highly armored. The original armament consisted of two cannons and two machine guns mounted in wing and one
flexible machine gun in rear cockpit. The post war production machines and Czechoslovakian license built machines were equipped
with four wing mounted cannons as so the gunner manned flexible cannon, too. The series production of Il-10 had started in autumn
1944 and first machines fought in March 1945 fights. They participated on both Berlin Operation and liberation of Czechoslovakia. The
production didn't stop with the end of the World War 2 and the post war machines featured heavier armament. Also the training version
Il-10UT was produced as so the modernized version Il-10M. The aircraft were also exported to the socialistic countries of Central and
East Europe, China and North Korea.
In 1950 North Korea attacked its southern neighbor. Of course, the North Korean Il-10s participated in the Korean War and sported big
successes. Two machines were seized by UN forces and were subsequently tested in USA.
Since 1952, Il-10s were produced in Czechoslovakia. License built machines were designated Avia B-33. The license built machines
served in Czechoslovakian Air Force and were further exported to Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Yemen and Romania. Even the very
own training version designated CB-33 was produced in Czechoslovakia. Avia B-33s served in Czechoslovakia up to the beginning of
the 1960s. Il-10 received code name “Beast” in NATO designation. Thanks to its distinctive engine sound, pilots in Czechoslovakia
called Avia B-33s “Harvesters”.
Technical Data: Wingspan: 13.40 m, Length: 11.20 m, Max. Speed at sea level: 480 kmh, Real Service Ceiling: 4000 m,
Max. Range: 830 km

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